14 | 11 | 2019

IDM offers services in the field of digital, mixed-signal, analog and RF IC design for Russian and foreign companies:

  • Deep knowledge of semiconductor device physics, radio- and microelectronics and technology
  • Excellent knowledge of EDA tools intended for IC design
  • Deep understanding of device models and their simulation

allow our team:

  • To design and optimize schematics and layouts for analog, mixed-signal, RF, high speed, ultra-low power, low noise and precise applications
  • To create, optimize and use specific components such as RF inductors, MOM capacitors, varactors, RF bonding pads, etc.
  • To design and measure test chips and test PCB prototypes for evaluation of new solutions and to obtain absent device/technology information
  • To provide the most effective, reliable and innovative technical solutions in actual conditions

Past most valuable projects

  • Bluetooth RF modules and ADCs and DACs
  • Ultra-low power transceiver for medical implant communication system
  • Modules for low power transmitter for hearing aid device
  • Ultra-low power transceiver for medical implant communication system
  • Modules for WLAN transceiver
  • Set of blocks for single-chip TV tuners


  • Developed analog and RF blocks for various RF ICs, including LNAs, VCOs, AGC, VGAs, harmonic rejection mixers, RSSI, RF power amplifiers, RF detectors, modulators, crystal oscillators, filters, ADCs, DACs, bandgap references, etc. and more complex modules such as receiver and transmitter paths.
  • Special component design: on-chip planar inductors 0.4-5GHz, MOM-capacitors, varactors, RF MOSFETs: optimal layout, simulation models and verification (including test structures and experimental measurements)
  • Chip periphery design: bonding pads, ESD protection network, power supply network



Previous customers

  • GEC Plessey Semiconductors
  • Mitel Semiconductor
  • Zarlink Semiconductor
  • Demodulator and Tuner Division, Intel UK
  • and others

Having highly-experienced design team in conjunction with smart project management enabled IDM to achieve first silicon success in all projects

Other experience of IDM designers:

  • Short range 800-920 MHz transceiver IC, 0.15um RF CMOS
  • Set of prescalers and digital sigma-delta modulators for N-Fractional Sigma-delta PLLs, 0.18um RF CMOS
  • 10 bit, 1 GHz Direct digital synthesis IC (analog part), 0.18um RF CMOS
  • Digital part of SD ADC with 96dB SNR for voice applications, 0.18um CMOS
  • Digital part of SD DAC with 96dB SNR for voice applications, 0.18um CMOS
  • 10 bit R-2R DAC ICs, 0.18um CMOS
  • Broadband LNA and Mixer IC's, 0.18um RF CMOS
  • Various linear analog ICs, 3.0um BiCMOS
  • 10-16dBm Class AB Multi-band RF Power Amplifier, 0.18um CMOS
  • RF blocks for Trunked Radio Receiver IC, 0.18um RF CMOS
  • LNA and Mixer for RF IP library, 0.6um BiCMOS
  • High IP3 GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900 LNA, 0.5 BiCMOS SiGeHP
  • DLL Frequency multiplier, 0.35um CMOS
  • Analog blocks for DC-DC regulator, 0.35um CMOS
  • Clock generator for 12 bit ADC, 0.25um CMOS
  • 0,18 um CMOS 40 mA LDO regulator
  • 90 nm BiCMOS low noise bandgap voltage reference with second order temperature compensation
  • 500kHz successive approximation 12 bit AD converter
  • 10MHz piplined 12 bit AD converter
  • 3 1\2 and 4 1\2 dual slope AD converters
  • 1,0 um SOI CMOS temperature-to-digital converter