14 | 11 | 2019

IDM company facts

  • Founded in 1991 as private company to accumulate the design skills of a groups of experienced world-class specialists in the field of IC design

  • Locates in Zelenograd, a satellite town some 41 km from Moscow’s Red Square

  • Has close relationships with Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology and rents premises at Zelenograd Innovation Technology Center

  • Works on the projects from Russian and foreign clients





Main IDM activities


  • Digital, mixed-signal, analog and RF IC design

  • R&D in the field of high-performance computing

  • SW design

  • System-level prototype design



Advantages for long-term cooperation with foreign partner:

  • Highly qualified, productive and cost-effective IDM design team provides of innovative leading-edge solutions for the analog and RF ICs

  • Fully equipped design center and stable business environment

  • Many years’ experience in international cooperation and the ability to work in distributed international design teams on the basis of international industry design standards

  • Growth potential in human resources due to links with Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology and to Russian electronics industry


IDM is looking for foreign customer to provide high-quality and cost-effective design services in the field of mixed-signal, analog and RF IP and IC design